Let’s Get Crafting!

Hello!  I thought it would be time for me to start showing you some of my easy DIY projects.  The first project I’m going to show you is something you can make for your friends, your family or even yourself!  I made this for my friend’s birthday because she is obsessed with Disney and this is a Disney based project, so if you love Disney this is for you.

You do not have to be artistically superior, you can, in fact, be quite the opposite to be able to do this!  As Walt Disney once said, If you can dream it, you can do it!”


What you will need:

  • Paint brushes – I used a large brush, a medium-sized brush and a tiny brush
  • Paint – you can use whatever colors you would like, I used a periwinkle & black
  • Canvas – any size


  1. I like to sketch what I’m trying to make before I start painting – so you can sketch it firstFullSizeRender-4
  2. Paint the background the color of your choice (in my case – periwinkle) — using the large paint brushFullSizeRender
  3. If you used step 1, cut out your sketch, place it on your painted canvas and trace lightly with a pencil
  4. Paint on the Disney castle and name (or any other design you used) — using the medium paint brushFullSizeRender-3
  5. You can stop now, or you can continue, using the small paint brush to make the edges of your design neat & clean
  6. You’re finished! You have now created a Disney master piece that Walt Disney, himself, would be proud of!!FullSizeRender-2

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