Fetch a Furry Friend!

Fetch a Friend is an organization that makes adopting a perfect furry friend, just for you, a possibility.  On May 9th, 10 am — 7 pm, Fetch a Friend is hosting an Adopt-A-Thon at the Ohio State Expo Center (Lausche Building) – building index #1.

Fetch a Friend on Social Media- 

So Why Adopt?

  1. You are saving the life of two pets (and a family).  When you adopt a pet you save that pet and because you adopt them, you leave open space for another homeless dog to be able to take.  And you save your family because you now have another furry family member added to the family, which equals more love to go around!
  2. When you adopt, the pet you buy is healthy.  They are examined, vaccinated and sprayed/neutered before you adopt them.  Shelters and rescuers also check the pet’s behaviors to make sure they are perfect for each family.
  3. Adopting a pet from a shelter is less expensive than buying a pet from a pet store and in many shelters, the animals are already vaccinated, sprayed/neutered and examined before you buy them.  So you can keep more money in your pocket, but still get the perfect, lovable pet for you and your family.
  4. Adopting a pet will add more love in your home and life.  Pets have been proven to be psychologically, emotionally and physically beneficial to your health.

Rescue/ Shelters helping Fetch a Friend

Already adopted a lovable pet and want to share your beautiful story to others?  

  • Use the hashtag: FetchAFriendFriday (or just FetchAFriend)
  • Comment on this blog post, share your story to the world

Come May 9th from 10 am — 7 pm and participate in this amazing event.  Adopt a furry, lovable friend for your home, or donate to this amazing cause.  Help a furry friend become adopted, let them bring some love and furry compassion into your life 🙂



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