The Happy Project – Spread The Happy

Happiness is an unspoken quality of life.  If you are happy it shows through your emotions, your features.  We do not often talk about the things that make us happy, we just see them happening.  But, I would like to talk about it.  What makes you happy?  Unhappy?  Are you ever perfectly content with your life or do you need something to keep that happiness going?

A group of friends and I are spreading happiness and we need your help!  We researched the quality of happiness throughout life.  And we are looking for that stage in life where you do not constantly need more and more to continue to be happy, we are looking for something that creates a long-lasting state of happiness.

We interviewed young children, asking them what made them happy. Most said being with family or the simple things in life, such as “scoring a goal in lacrosse.” Then we asked teens, which is shown in this video. They went more in depth, explaining in detail what makes them happy. And last we asked the elderly, who told us that what makes them happy is making others happy.

You are able to watch what we received from the teens on YouTube at: The Happy Project


Two of my very happy friends frolicking through the woods 🙂

A similar project was done in 2014 called The Global Happiness Project (this is a completed project).     

If you have something that makes you incandescently happy (really really happy), comment on this blog or on my YouTube Video (link above).  My group would love to hear about the thing that makes you happy!


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