Hello world, welcome to my “do it yourself, lifestyle” blog!  If you’re reading this this early in the morning I hope that you have a lovely mug full of warm coffee in your hand &  I hope that  you’re smelling that lovely aroma of coffee & hazelnut creamer filling throughout your room.

Speaking of coffee, I will start off saying: you can really tell a lot from a person based on the warm drink they have in hand.  The drink I have in my hand is a large donut house (k-cup brand) coffee that has a considerably large amount of hazelnut creamer mixed within it… I guess I could call it a large mug of creamer, with a side of donut house coffee (or a grande vanilla latte from starbucks)!

Anyways, my name is Brittany Lower & if you couldn’t already tell I’m addicted to coffee, but thats definitely not all I will be telling you throughout my blog.  I will provide you with DIY projects to do when you are stuck at home or just feeling super crafty!  I will give you fashion tips and provide you with many different fashion styles, because lets be honest clothes are clothes, you can never go wrong!  And last, but certainly not least, I will provide you with reviews of my favorite books & must-see movies.

My blog will be for the days at home when you’re feeling crafty or bored and have nothing to do.  So, grab yourself a mug full of coffee (in my case a mug full of creamer with a side of coffee) & stay tuned! 🙂