The Ville

The perfect place to go for DIY project ideas is Uptown Westerville.  This vintage looking town is full of different shops; antique shops, record shops, music shops, shops with their own diy projects and many many more cute little places to go to.  This little area has tons of multicultural food places to eat at!  And let me personally tell you that you will be hungry from shopping at these beautiful shops all day and these food places are mouthwatering and delicious (there’s even a Greater’s)!

A little vintage shop contains old cameras, records, homemade t-shirts, vintage clothes, etc. (pictures below)



Another shop has locally made merchandise, such as Ohio shirts, Miami University shirts, bracelets, earrings, etc. (pictures below).  This shop is one of my personal favorites 🙂


If you have already created something and need to paint it, then this next place is perfect for you.  Annie Sloan created this paint: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  The employees at this shop in Westerville know what they are taking about when it comes to using the paint and what types to use with certain types of wood.  A great store with great employees to help!

The last store I went to is another antique shop with tons of vintage things to choose from (and they have a cat waking around)!!

Uptown Westerville, also known as “The Ville,” is a beautiful place to go to, especially when there is good weather!  I highly recommend you take a visit here to help if you’re have DIY idea block because you will get tons of ideas!


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